Computer Forensics and Computer Security Consulting as a Career?

The other day an acquaintance mentioned to me that he’d like to start a new business in the computer forensics trade, and make it his new life’s work. Does that make sense? Well, sure it does, and just because everything is moving into the cloud, or so it is predicted doesn’t necessarily mean that folks who are trying to hide something would dare to store stuff there. After all, it would be easily searchable by the authorities, or some NSA searching algorithm will find it.

Thus, those using computers to help them break the law are more likely to keep information close to the vest on encrypted CD ROMS, hard drives, thumb drives, etc – kind of like Osama bin Laden did. And then there is another aspect to the computer forensics business, and that is recovering lost data for businesses. Therefore, I explained to him that I agree that computer forensics, and consulting are a good business to be in – smart idea.

In fact, I have a friend who had a computer consulting business, and did quite well, but had challenges when he took on the wrong partner, and they both had different ideas on how to run the business, so they split it into two, hardware sales/computer repair and consulting/networks. Just be careful if you take on partners, was his advice. I’d say that advice would definitely go for the computer forensics sector as well.

And, speaking of computer forensics, I sure could have used him a few years ago, when my hard drive crashed, and I lost 4 eBooks I was working on, which like a dummy I hadn’t backed up. That was terrible. And that same year I had my MS operating system screw up, and when I re-booted I lost a ton more, lots of import ideas, concepts, and half completed articles I was thinking on. People really need computer forensics, and data recovery, and Corporations really need to trace back how the hackers get in to provide safe data security too.

I’d say there is a ton of work to be done + potential contracts with law-enforcement I’d say, as well. Good be quite a lucrative business I’d say? Indeed, maybe my acquaintance is quite wise in his desire to start such a business, maybe that is a smart industry to get into, and with the right connections, it ought to be a very awesome business. Well, that’s all for now, something to think on. If you have any more questions or comments on the computer forensics industry please shoot me an email.

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